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Cookbook Love Podcast

May 9, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of the Cookbook Love Podcast. Today’s episode was a lot of fun as I interview Chris Taylor and Paul Arguin. Chris and Paul are cookbook collectors. They are scientists by trade, and one day, about 10 years ago they decided to enter an amateur pie competition. Chris’ Lemon Strawberry Pie won 1st place, and from there, they have been on a journey of pie, culminating in a 2017 Best of Show award at the National Pie Championship. As a result of their win their, and an article in the NYT, they were approached about writing a cookbook of their own. In this interview we talk about their journey through pie competitions, writing their cookbook, and their favorite pie and baking books.

Things We Mention In This Episode:

1st Prize Pies Alison Kave
The Pie Book Louis Pullig-De-Gouy
Pie Marches On Monroe Boston Strause
Farm Journal’s Country Cookbook
The Secret Recipes Dominique Ansel
The Pie and Pastry Bible Rose Levy Berenbaum
The Cake Bible Rose Levy Berenbaum
The Family Baking Book America’s Test Kitchen
Bread: A Baker’s Book of Technique and Recipes Jeffery Hammelman
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