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Cookbook Love Podcast

Feb 4, 2021

Hi everybody. Welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today I have an interview with food blogger and cookbook collector Julie Wallace. Julie has been collecting cookbooks since 2007. And her collection is almost 300 books. Her collection spans many authors, genres, and cultures. She grew up in Dallas, TX suburbs then moved to NYC in 2004. She collects lots of books featuring Texas/Tex-Mex recipes, as well as Cajun/Creole. Her mom is from central Louisiana, so I grew up eating lots of Cajun/Creole cuisine, as well as Southern American. Julie made sure she knew how to cook that food, as I discovered the hard way that cooking it yourself is literally the only way to access it in the NYC region.

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Things We Mention In This Episode:

Julie Wallace Blog Jalapeno and Anchovies

Alon Shaya Cookbook

Donald Link Cajun Cookbooks

Robb Walsh Tex-Mex Cookbooks

John Besh My New Orleans Cookbooks

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