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Cookbook Love Podcast

Nov 11, 2021

Today I’m excited to have an interview with Ana Patuleia Ortins. Ana is a first generation descendant of Portuguese immigrants, She grew up with the ethnic lore and traditions attached to the food of her ancestors. 

She is the author of two cookbooks, Authentic Portuguese Cooking and her most recent book Portuguese Home Cooking. In this book, Ana Patuleia Ortins invites you to discover or revisit the soul-comforting, peasant food of Portugal. Peppered with a lifetime of anecdotes from a passionate cook, Portuguese Home Cooking draws us into an immigrant kitchen where traditional culinary methods were handed down from father to daughter, shared and refined with the help of family and friends. The recipes in this cookbook are of dishes prepared as they are in Portugal―with the measurements tried and tested, and the ingredients and methods fully explained. Today on the podcast Ana and I discuss: 

*Preserving family recipes from collecting them to recording them

*Advice for cooks, writers, and chefs when it comes to traditional VS non-traditional variations in ethnic cooking

*Making the most of food, ingredients, and leftovers that others may discard and how they can be repurposed

Things We Mention In This Episode:


Ana’s website:

Connect with Ana on Instagram :  @portuguesecooking

Connect with Ana on Twitter: @portuguesecook

Ana’s Cookbooks and Favorite Cookbook

Portuguese Home Cooking

Authentic Portuguese Cooking

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