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Cookbook Love Podcast

Oct 13, 2022

Hello and welcome to another episode of the podcast - today on the podcast I’m excited to share an interview with Carrie Bachman. Carrie is the owner of Carrie Bachman Public Relations a full-service, boutique public relations firm specializing in the cookbook and gourmet product industry. Carrie’s firm takes pride in creating innovative nationwide publicity campaigns that result in maximum exposure for our clients. Over the last 30 years, Carrie has led New York Times bestselling campaigns for a diverse list of authors, including journalists, celebrities, award-winning chefs, and cookbook and lifestyle authors including Jacques Pepin, Julia Child, Marcella Hazan, Emeril Lagasse, Alice Waters, Patricia Wells, Ferran Adria, Dorie Greenspan, Rose Levy Beranbaum, Ina Garten, Tom Douglas, and more. Services provided by Carrie and her team includes book launches, brand strategy, event planning, influencer and blogger engagement, media tours, national and regional interviews, as well as social media strategy and satellite media tours. Today on the podcast Carrie and I talk about what’s working with PR, what’s not working, tips for debut cookbook writers and authors, as well as where the best times are spent for authors who handle their own PR. 

Things We Mention In This Episode

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