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Cookbook Love Podcast

Apr 6, 2023

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today on the podcast, I have an interview with Gesine Bullock-Prado, but before we get started, I want to talk to those of you listening who have written recipes that you want to turn into a book to share with your family, friends, or customers. I know that so often we cook and cook, or we’re the keeper of the family recipes, and we want to share our recipes in a tangible way, not just with the food but also in a book. I've been doing a lot of cool things behind the scenes with Canva and Amazon Kindle Direct publishing. As a result, I see the potential for you (fellow home cooks and recipe collectors) to create and self-publish a recipe book for your family, friends, or clients on the free publishing platform Kindle Direct Publishing. I am creating a PILOT PROGRAM to teach a small group of interested cooks and bakers how to create and self-publish recipe books. My goal is that you will finish the program with two self-published recipe books to share family recipes, give away as holiday gifts, or attract clients/customers to your business. If you'd like to learn more about this offer, head over to, and I’ll send you details about how you can access one of the limited spots in this pilot program. So what does it mean to be a pilot program? I’ve done this work but never taught it - so first time taught it so: 

  • You get to learn as I learn

  • Lots of interaction with me and others in the group

  • A smaller group of students

  • Time to ask questions and help me shape the future program

  • Because the program is a pilot - the price will be a no-brainer

  • You will learn a repeatable process

  • Available outside of the GPGP program

Now onto the show: Today, I have an interview with Gesine Bullock-Prado. Gesine is a pastry chef, instructor, and author of six books and lives in White River Junction, VT. In her 18-year career, Gesine has run her own pastry shop and become a baking instructor at King Arthur Flour’s Baking Education Center. She is the owner and baking instructor at Sugar Glider Kitchen and is working towards getting her Vermont Master Gardener Certification in 2023. Today we talk about her move to Vermont, where she fell in love with the Green Mountain State’s flavors, we go in-depth about Vermont’s six unique seasons, and we discuss some recipes unique to Vermont, such as Salt rising bread, Marlborough pie, and Sugar on Snow. 

Things We Mention In This Episode:

Learn more about the Pilot Program for self-publishing cookbooks

Visit Gesine’s Sugar Glider Kitchen online