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Cookbook Love Podcast

Jun 1, 2023

Maria Sansone is an Emmy Award-winning television host with a 30-year career in broadcasting. She is a social media personality, lifestyle expert, cookbook author, brand ambassador and mom of two. Maria is the host of NBC Boston’s premiere lifestyle show, The Hub Today and host/creator of the Edward R. Murrow Award-winning MOM2MOM with Maria Sansone television show and podcast. During the pandemic, Maria wrote the proposal for her debut cookbook, Oh $#!% What’s For Dinner?: No-Fuss Weeknight Recipes You’ll Swear By. Today on the podcast, we talk all about how Maria used time during the pandemic to broadcast her nightly dinner prep, write her cookbook proposal, sign a contract, and then create the manuscript for her debut cookbook (that she always longed to write) while juggling her career and two young children. 

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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