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Cookbook Love Podcast

Jul 20, 2023

Hello and welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today on the podcast I talk to you about the top 5 roadblocks that passionate cooks and bakers who want to share their recipes and stories in a print cookbook face. And kick off our Summer Roadblock Series for Cookbook Writers where we will spend the next 5 weeks discussing the top 5 roadblocks and provide strategies to help you navigate the roadblocks and get you back on the path to a published cookbook. 

Before we dive in are you a food or nutrition expert who wants to get paid to write a cookbook but you aren’t sure where to start, how to spend your time, or what publishers want from their writers? If you said yes then you are going to love the fun, free, training I recorded just for you. Inside this one and only on-demand cookbook publishing training you will learn 3 mistakes food and nutrition experts who want to get their recipes and stories published in a cookbook often make, 4 steps you will want to take to be attractive to a publisher, and the absolute best publishing path to choose if you don’t want to spend your time or money to edit, design, and print the book.  To access the training on demand head on over to You are only 45 minutes away from being sure you’re using your time to do the right things that publishers love!

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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