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Cookbook Love Podcast

May 29, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of the Cookbook Love Podcast. Today I’m excited to welcome back Monique Llamas. Since we spoke with Monique on Episode 4, Monique has a new role as the Community Manager for ckbk. As the Community Manager, Monique manages ckbk’s presence on social media channels Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Monique also tells us more about Ckbk. Ckbk offers free and premium memberships for search and discovery for over 300 cookbook titles, including classic, contemporary, out-of-print, and reference cookbooks. In today’s episode, Monique and I talk about her founding the ckbk cookbook club, as well as her interest in other online cookbooks clubs. Cookbook clubs offer opportunities for cookbook lovers to connect online in conjunction with content from a specific cookbook, usually, a cookbook selected each month, or related to one specific recipe choice out of a cookbook. Monique also discusses her tips on starting a cookbook club from announcing the club, spreading the word, setting an intention for the goal of the club, setting up a schedule, and being consistent in the club’s rules and postings. Most important is to have fun and use the clubs as a positive way to connect with cookbook-, food-, and recipe-lovers online.

Things We Mention In This Episode: