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Cookbook Love Podcast

Mar 19, 2020

Julie-Anne’s life has always revolved around animals and food. She began my life in food on my family naseberry and mango farm in the hills of St. Catherine Jamaica. Fast forward years later with a Masters in animal and human nutritional Sciences and a PhD in fisheries and aquatic sciences, her academic career has covered many aspects of nutritional sciences pursuing scientific research to enhance and improve the nutritional status of beef & dairy cattle; small companion animals; freshwater, marine, ornamental and food fish. In 2016, Juli-Anne started a snack food company utilizing 100% natural ingredients reminiscent of my Jamaican childhood. Juli-Anne’s Tropical Kitchen is the idea of one Jamaican foodie who loves to travel, loves art,  and the happy things of life. 

Married to an Italian, Juli-Anne is passionate about exploring the similarities between the two cultures through the things I love most - food, art, music, and lifestyle. As a certified Hatha and vinyasa yoga teacher, she has been led to share with other mothers and families how to prepare healthy meals, eating healthily throughout the day, finding time to exercise and keeping the sanity. She likes to call herself a home chef and traveling between Jamaica, and Italy Juli-Anne learned to combine the flavors of the places I call home. 

Things We Mention In This Episode: