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Cookbook Love Podcast

Nov 7, 2019

When we have a question the first thing many of us do is turn to Google.

Google will tell us the answer.

Google is amazing, but for finding answers that will help us grow and expand, we have to turn to our brains.

My business coach teaches that the secret to anything "better" is better questions - the type of question that inspires high-quality results.


When I ask my brain questions I jot the answers in Google Keep, or my iPhone notes app. If I'm in the car or on a walk I'll even record the answers on my iPhone. When I'm near my notebook and have a pen, well that's my favorite spot to answer.


Today I want to share some questions for you to consider. Take time to ask. Your brain knows the answer.


  • What do I need to think and feel so that I can make decisions like a writer who wants to find and pitch a publisher?
  • What does my life or book project look like if I didn't procrastinate or self-sabotage my project?
  • What do I want to believe about finding a publisher for my cookbook?
  • How could my days or weeks change for the better if I got a grip on my schedule and stopped believing I don't have time?
  • How could I make pitching a publisher so easy that they couldn't do anything but offer me a contract?
  • What can I think, feel, and then do to inspire cooks or bakers into action?
  • What new and fun opportunities will I have as a result of being the author of a print cookbook?
  • What thoughts about my cookbook project make me feel inspired? How can I inspire a publisher to take action with me and on my idea?
  • What do I need to think to feel more confident as a cookbook writer?
  • What does my perfect day as a cookbook writer look like? What needs to happen to create that day? 
  • Do I have to have a perfect day to move forward with my project? 

Things We Mention In This Episode: