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Cookbook Love Podcast

Nov 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! And welcome to this special Thanksgiving Episode of the Cookbook Love Podcast. Thanksgiving here in the US is a holiday all about food, sharing, and cooking, so it’s no accident that I planned today's’ interview with Sondra Bernstein. Sondra is the chef and owner of the Girl and the Fig in Sonoma, California. In October 2017 one of the deadliest fires in California history swept across Napa, Sonoma, and Mendicino counties in California. In response to the fire, and in addition to cooking thousands of meals for first responders, and those displaced by evacuations, Sondra created and held the Delicious New Chapters cookbook raiser for fire survivors. Listen in this interview as Sondra describes the days after the fires, and how she not only thought of the idea, but planned a day-long event where anyone affected by the fires could come and search for their favorite, or a new cookbook, from the thousands of cookbooks donated for the event. I would like to add that at the time of this part of the recording in early November 2018 California is again experiencing another very serious and deadly fire - the Camp Fire in Butte County. Our thoughts and prayers go out on this Thanksgiving Day to all those affected by the fires in California and to the first responders helping people piece their lives back together.