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Cookbook Love Podcast

Oct 14, 2021

Evan Hanczor is a chef, writer, and activist whose work focuses on food and storytelling. He has been the longtime chef at Egg restaurant in Brooklyn, a farm-to-table breakfast and lunch restaurant rooted in community, sustainability, and access to good food. Evan is the founder of Tables of Contents @tables.of.contents events featuring writers, food, and conversation, and the editor of a community cookbook by the same name that supports food relief efforts. Evan is also the co-author of Breakfast: Recipes to Wake Up For with Egg founder George Weld. Today on the podcast Evan and I discuss:

  • Tables of Contents book - it’s history, the ideas behind it, and the collaborators
  •  FIG (Food Issues Group) & Evan’s food justice work during the COVID-related lock-down in 2020 
  • Self-publishing a cookbook
  • Working with multiple contributors for a community cookbook project


Things We Mention In This Episode:

@evanhanczor - Instagram and Twitter

@tables.of.contents - Instagram

Tables of Contents Community Cookbook

Evan’s Favorite Cookbooks

A Taste of Country Cooking by Edna Lewis

Roast Chicken And Other Stories by Simon Hopkinson

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