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Cookbook Love Podcast

May 12, 2022

Welcome to this episode of the podcast. Today I’m excited to have an interview with Liz Jalkiewicz. Liz is the owner of The Dietitian Editor. Liz Jalkiewicz is a writer, editor and registered dietitian nutritionist, but most of all, she is a foodie at heart. She has a great appreciation and respect for excellent food and well-written content. With over 15 years in the nutrition and dietetics field, Liz has a diverse background having worked in various roles including clinical, retail, culinary, and media production, as well as marketing and communications. In 2021 Liz started The Dietitian Editor blog which marries her love for writing and editing plus helping fellow registered dietitian nutritionists (and food lovers) get their messages out to the world. Today on the podcast we talk about the basics of editing, how editing differs from proofreading, Liz’s recommendations about DIY editing, commonly misspelled and misused food terms, as well as her tips on recipe writing and editing.

Things We Mention In This Episode:

The Dietitian Editor Website

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