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Cookbook Love Podcast

Aug 22, 2019

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Cookbook Love Podcast. Today I’m excited to share an interview with cookbook collector, reader, and author, Ally Lazare. Ally as a young child loved to feel her way around in the kitchen because she was allowed to experiment with food and cooking. As a result, she fell in love with the science, process, artistry, and creativeness of cooking and baking. Ally also loved cookbooks and first considered herself just a cookbook reader. When she started to cook for herself and her children, she started to write down her recipes and share them with others. This led her to start a blog, and then -  the idea to write a cookbook of her own. So, in the midst of maternity leave, and a shift to a plant-based way of eating, Ally decided to document her plant-based journey and share the tips, tricks, and secrets behind plant-based comfort food. Out of her desire to debunk the myth that plant-based eating is scary or boring, Ally wrote and published with a Kickstarter campaign her own book Ally’s Kitchen Comfort Food. In this interview, we talk about Ally’s love for all things of the kitchen, vintage cookbooks, and the process she followed for writing her own book, that includes a Kickstarter campaign that overfunded her cookbook publishing dream.

Things We Mention In This Episode: