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Cookbook Love Podcast

Sep 11, 2019

Hello and today on the podcast I talk about recipe copyright laws. First, congratulations to Lisa Goldstein of @cookinglikeImeanit. She was the winner of our Celebrate The Cookbook Love Podcast Contest for our first anniversary. Lisa is a supporter of the show, was a guest on Episode 9 (I incorrectly said Episode 2 in the show recording!), and I’m thrilled she won the content. Thank you, Lisa. 

 Last year I attended an excellent workshop sponsored by IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) and taught by Joy Butler. Joy has a blog called Guide Through The Legal Jungle and in the workshop, she talked about the principles of copyright protection for recipes. What I find interesting is that recipe copyright protection involves all of us who write, use, and interact with recipes and cookbooks: recipe writers, cookbook authors, and cookbook users or cookbook clubs. Listen in to the show as we discuss how the law affects these three different groups, and how we can protect our recipes as cookbook writers, recipe writers, and restaurant or bakery owners. 

Things We Mention In This Episode: