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Cookbook Love Podcast

Feb 27, 2020

Have you ever thought about how your meals, baked goods, recipes, and books make others feel? Because really, that's why most people interact with food, cooking, recipes, books - to feel better. 

I had an experience recently with my son's friend who wants to eat a better breakfast before she heads to school so that she isn't starving at lunch. Plus, she wants to fuel her day with a healthy breakfast. She recently traveled and was amazed at the simple hotel breakfast of yogurt, granola, and berries. This summarizes her desire and goal. 

So she thought she’d try to have some granola and yogurt for breakfast. She headed to Kroger and bought granola - a box of a national brand. So excited the next morning, she fixed her breakfast and was excited as she tasted the granola. It wasn't anything like the hotel granola from her trip. Also, she found the store-bought granola tasted too sweet and hard to chew. It even scraped the top of her mouth, like she had eaten a bunch of sugary candy. She said she felt more unhealthy eating it. So she looked in the natural food section for a small batch brand. There were several that looked good, but it was 4x the price of the national brand. She didn't feel like she had the budget for boutique brands of granola, but she loves the idea of granola. This is her problem or unmet need and her feelings about this problem.

She knew that every few weeks, we make a homemade batch of granola. She had been at our house and seen us in our kitchen, making granola. This is our cooking habit. And since we have our recipe was written down (this is our writing habit), we were able to share our recipe along with some tips for success so that she could make her own granola. This is how we help people meet their desires, reach their goals, and solve their problems. 

She made the granola the next day she texted me to say how much her family loved it. And she loved it! She felt accomplished and successful in the kitchen. And she was excited to have her granola and yogurt for wholesome breakfast. This is a positive result with positive emotions as a result. 

And, here's the best part - she trusts us as a provider of not only recipes but making her feel better. That's the goal because when our people feel better, they want not just your recipes, but how you made them feel.

This is why we buy cookbooks too. They make us feel better! They help us learn. They have a lot of beautiful features, and many benefits, but the bottom line is cookbooks promise a better feeling. They are a benefit not a burden. 

Things We Mention In This Episode: