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Cookbook Love Podcast

Sep 3, 2020

Welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today I’m excited to have an interview with Patricia Greenberg. Patricia is a best-selling cookbook author, dietitian, chef, fitness expert, wife and mom. In her work with Fitness Gourmet Patricia is ushering in a new era of bite-sized livable health, nutrition and fitness solutions. The Fitness Gourmet is a wellness consulting firm that specializes in teaching seminars nationwide. Patricia has a special interest in enhancing the education of the general public, through television, radio, and her web series, providing accurate nutrition and health information to today’s consumer which has had an impact on the lives and health of thousands of people. Today on the podcast we talk about Patricia’s four cookbooks, her journey through agent-assisted publishing to self-publishing, and Patricia’s belief in the power of storytelling in all of our writing. 

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