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Cookbook Love Podcast

Nov 15, 2018

A basic list of ingredients is not copyright protected. (This is why Coca-Cola and KFC don’t share the ingredient list in their products.) That said, a writer’s expression of the list of ingredients as set forth in a recipe or a recipe collection (in a cookbook) is most often copyright protected. When a cookbook author writes a book, they have the privilege to determine their own recipe writing style. This style fits the author and communicates to the cook, consistently, what they are trying to convey in the book and recipes. On this episode of the podcast, I take a look at five cookbooks from my own collection and discuss the recipe style of the author. The goal of this episode is to share examples of recipe writing style. I also want to encourage cookbook collectors to look at the books in their collection each as a unique expression of the author. This episode may also be of interest to an aspiring cookbook and recipe writers as they determine their own recipe-writing style.