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Cookbook Love Podcast

Dec 22, 2022

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today I want to offer you a podcast about the belief that publishers are waiting for us to send them our idea, agents are waiting for us to query them for representation, and they are actively waiting for us to send them our ideas. If you truly believed this, how would you feel, and what actions would you take TODAY, knowing that they are lined up waiting to connect with you? It is possible that an agent or editor could appear out of the blue today and ask you to send them your idea for a cookbook. It happened to me. It has happened to other cookbook authors I know. It can happen to you too. The good news is we can stop searching for agents and publishers because...There are agents and publishers out there right now for the unique amazing cook or baker that is you.

Things We Mention In This Episode

Do you want to learn how to get paid to write a cookbook?