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Cookbook Love Podcast

Apr 11, 2019

Today on the podcast I share my thoughts on selling cookbooks, and even more than that with it takes to write and sell a cookbook. Behind every cookbook we own, read, write, or cook from there is a writer. A writer who has a message to share. In order to become a cookbook author, they had to become a cookbook writer first. And I see that there are a few hurdles this writer has to jump before they have a finished book. So, today, we’ll talk about these four hurdles, what they are and how we can hurdle them if we want to become a cookbook writer.

I also invite you to my upcoming free cookbook writing masterclass where I will share 7 Insider Tip about Writing a Cookbook That Agents and Publishers Might Not Tell You (Because Most of Them Have Never Written A Cookbook).  

My audience is made up of the most excellent cooks, chefs, or bakers. The best around town. They give away recipes, compete in competitions, write for print publications, teach classes in their homes. They have an abundance of knowledge.

They are “known” as the go-to person in their families, communities, workplaces, or for their excellent food, baked good, stories, and solutions.

They are acutely aware of how their recipes and knowledge help others helped others learn something new about a specific food, style of cooking, or a culture, heal a disease, gain better health, or have a better, happier, healthier life.

They love cookbooks. Every time they go to a bookstore, they gravitate to the cookbook section. They collect and read cookbooks.

People close to them, and others they meet ask them if they’ve ever thought about writing a cookbook.

They love cookbooks. Every time they go to a bookstore, they gravitate to the cookbook section. They collect and read cookbooks.

They think about writing a cookbook of their own but have heard horror stories about how hard publishing is, how much money it costs to publish a book, and how you have to sell your soul to a publisher to get your cookbook in a bookstore.

Plus all of their favorite books are written by TV stars, celebrities, or food bloggers with huge followings and beautiful photos that they take themselves.

They can’t even begin to imagine that someone like them could write a cookbook like that.

So they stop. The dream dies.

Following this masterclass with you will be able to implement these tips that guide dietitians, moms, bakers, and cooks on their journey to become confident cookbook writers that can help others live a healthier, happier life. Register for the masterclass here.

Things We Mention In This Episode: